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The Oven is absolutely necessary appliance in our kitchens, use on a daily basis( although the microwave is trying to still the crown)especially on holidays and during festive seasons.

That is why it easily builds up fat and greases, which with the time being become toxic.

It's important to maintain our ovens and have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Our technicians have years of experience and knowledge.

They will transform your oven to brand new condition and astonish you with the results.

Attention to the detail is the most important part of the cleaning process.

The cleaning products are guaranteed to be bio-degradable, non-toxic & totally free from caustic soda and therefore completely safe for you, your oven and your family.

The cleaning process includes:

v  Inspection of the oven is performed upon arrival

v  Dismantling all removable parts such as control knobs, panels, fan,        light cover, racks, trays & extractor filters  

v  Soaking all of these in a dip tank with a cleaning solution

v  Hand-scraping of the grease, grime and carbon residues

v  Dismantling the door and cleaning the glass panels

v  Cleaning the removable parts

v  Assembling everything back together

v  Polishing the oven

     Inspecting the oven with the customer upon completion of the service



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Call us for more offers or a  tailor made service just for you!

Extra care is taken to protect the areas around the oven. Your home or business will be treated with the utmost courtesy & respect. The oven cleaning process can take anything from 1-4 hours depending on the type of appliance, and everything will be left in a sparkling condition.

Why don’t you have the whole kitchen deeply cleaned too, or maybe the rest of your home by booking one-off deep clean.


Prices :

Single Oven/ including two racks /          £50

Double Oven/ including three racks/       £65

Lait                         £75                                                                 Single Fridge           £20

Range                     £88                                                                Single Freezer        £20

Aga                         £93                                                                 Dryer                       £15

Microwave            £20                                                                Dish washer           £15

Extractor               £18-£25                                                       Washing machine  £15

Splash back           £3

Ceramic Hob         £18

Gas Hob                 £18-£25

Electrical Hob        £18





Note: min booking £50

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