We believe that our impact to  Mother Nature has to be limited.

The cleaning products can be harsh and extremely dangerous not only to the environment but to ourselves  too.


We carefully select eco-friendly materials, apply tips and techniques in order to clean your home and keep the environment safe for you and your family.


That also can be consider as low cost option, as the eco-friendly products, surprisingly can be cheaper than the chemicals in the shop.

The fact they are not harmful,enhance their usage often to multi-surfaces use.

That will limit the number of cleaning products you need for your home.


We don't charge for eco cleaning more than our usual hourly rate.

Once the service is requested, we will arrange a cleaner who has been into training specially for ecological cleaning.

We will suggest what eco products shall we use,and what technics to apply following by your approval.


We strongly advise our clients to go for greener and simpler way to clean their home.


Let's make your home better place to live! 

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The excellent dust collector.


Ideal for Asthma and Allergy suffers.


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