• Read and follow labels and instructions before using cleaning products.
  • Wear protective clothing and plastic/rubber gloves when using chemicals/cleaning products.
  • NEVER mix cleaning products. Combination of certain chemicals (e.g.   chlorine and ammonia) can create harmful gases.
  • Store cleaning products safely and securely in closed containers out of reach of the children and pets, during and after the cleaning process.
  • Keep cleaning products in their original containers with their original containers with their original labels. Always label containers if you must remove chemicals from their original containers.
  • Dispose of unused product and empty packaging safely.(not recycle)
  • Note any Hazard symbols.These are to important things to be aware of, not thing you need to steer clear of.
  • When lifting, carrying or bending, start with your feet shoulder –width apart. Keep your back straight and upright at the knees, while tightening the stomach muscles. Use your legs, not your back, to lift as you stand. And get help with items that are too big, heavy or oddly shaped.
  • When cleaning high areas, use a small ladder or study step – stool rather than risk standing on furniture that could tip or slide or you can damage the furniture.
  • When using a ladder, always make sure its feet are secure and on flat  firm surface. Never use a ladder on uneven, soft or wet ground or flooring. To avoid reaching too high or leaning too far to one side on a ladder, keep your belly button within the top step and sides of the ladder.
  • Don’t leave cleaning products unattended or on surfaces or on carpet/floor.(especially around children and pets). If  you  don’t use or need the cleaning product, immediately locked up and put it away.
  • Properly ventilate the area when using cleaning products. Turn on the fan or open the windows(don’t forget to close them afterwards)
  • Use a colour coded cleaning cloths and mops for different areas (e.g. bathroom, kitchen) of cleaning to avoid spread of bacteria.
  • Don’t use bleach.
  • Be careful when walking on wet floors. Warn others in house or building. You may need to block access to wet floors.
  • Never open the front door to people if you are not specifically instructed by the client( about a delivery for example)
  • Always make sure everything is switched off (iron, cooker, lights) and locked up (back door, windows, alarm on, front door) when leaving the client’s premises.
  • If a situation occurs call the office or the client for help and advise
  • Always keep the storage place clean, safely  closed  

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